Impermeable surfaces, like asphalt and concrete, succumb to breaking down over a short period of time. Maintenance of these surfaces will also be quite costly over time.
fora sustainable long-term result,

VersiGrid™ permeable grid pavers will last a lifetime and have minimal maintenance costs. Saving you invaluable time and money!

Heavy duty. Military strong. Construction ready. H20 rated. VersiGrid H/D 2.0 is the only paving choice for heavy loads and traffic.

A load bearing capacity of 35+ tons per square foot will have you covered in all categories.

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Designed for moderate vehicular load as well as pedestrian and equine applications, VersiGrid M/D 1.5 is the strongest and most eco-friendly permeable paver available.  Gravel or grass paving and mud control.

Boasting a load bearing capacity of 22 tons per square foot and virtually maintenance free!

Our mission is to provide a permanent permeable paving alternative made of 100% recycled plastics, that will outlast traditional paving methods . We believe a quality, durable, eco-friendly product benefits both the customer and the environment at large.

VersiGrid Paving Grid Products

VersiGrid H/D 2.0

Lasts longer then traditional paving methods.

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One inch of rain water + one acre of impermeable surface = 113 tons of stormwater runoff.

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VersiGrid M/D 1.5
This polluted runoff can infiltrate ground water supplies, be harmful to ecosystems, and even cause flooding!

VersiGrid™ permeable pavers will permanently solve drainage issues, erosion control, and stormwater management!