Equine Mud Control

Project Description

Location: Wisconsin Equine Facility

Product: VersiGrid M/D 1.5

Coverage: Paddocks, Pens, Pastures

It is important to eliminate mud and drainage problems for our horses to prevent moisture related diseases and skin issues.

Would you dare roll around in your paddock!?

VersiGrid™ will eliminate trenching, bogging, and a gross aftermath of trying to park this RV in the overflow parking! Green grass, permeable, and stabilized surfaces will keep this property looking great!

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So, take your time, look around, and learn all about the uses of VersiGrid™. 

The list of applications is quite endless! 

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DIY Grass Pathway & Overflow Parking

Project Description

Location: Washington State

Product: VersiGrid M/D 1.5

Coverage: Grass Driveway, Gravel RV Parking

Equine Facility Project

Divot-Free and Healthy Grass Pathways!

Support and protect the root of the grass from being damaged or trampled. Maintaining a healthy root structure will ensure green grass all year long!

Grass Driveway &

RV Parking

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VersiGrid™ Plastic Grid System
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Permeable surfaces have been used for decades as erosion control for equine facilities. Proven to reduce risk of injury and ensures your landscape will have a lower environmental impact!

Eliminating any standing water or oil from gathering on the surface ensures a clean and safe area for your animals.

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Due to heavy rainfall and poor drainage,  paddocks and riding areas are ultimately prone to the build up of mud. Thanks to VersiGrid™ permeable pavers, this ranch will now be free of mud and standing water while lowering environmental impact!

Project Description

Location: Wisconsin

Product: VersiGrid M/D 1.5

Coverage: Grass Overflow Parking &

Grass Pathway to lake

VersiGrid™ is a perfect addition to this new construction home. Eco-friendly driveways allow rainfall to percolate directly into the soil. Eliminating stormwater runoff which carries pollutants to our rivers, lakes, and streams.

Once the grid cells are filled with topsoil, either standard seeding or hydroseeding will work fantastic! Normal lawn care and watering is suggested. 

Heavy Duty Gravel Driveway

Gorgeous & Permeable Grass Pathways

Project Description

Location: Washington State

Product: VersiGrid H/D 2.0

Coverage: Gravel Driveway

VersiGrid™ is very DIY friendly. The ease of install and fill will have you done with your project in no-time! Prevent erosion, mud, and standing water on your driveways and parking!

VersiGrid H/D 2.0 has a load bearing capacity of 35+ tons per square foot!​

No more mud, potholes, or erosion on this driveway! Ad an aesthetic "pop" to your landscape with VersiGrid™ permeable pavers.

Structured grass overflow parking can lower environmental impact and add quite the curb appeal to your home or business! Reinforcing your grass pathways​ and parking will prevent the build up of mud, standing water, and storm water runoff.

Project Description

Location: Washington State

Product: VersiGrid M/D 1.5 and H/D 2.0

Coverage: Pastures, Pathways, Paddocks, Stalls, and Wash Areas, Emergency Fire Lane